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Most Common Eye Problems

After years of exposure to sunlight, there is a high tendency for your skin to react negatively, causing skin cancers. These cancers are also caused by high amounts of tanning and hence young women are the easy victims. Fair skinned, red hair, freckled people have a higher risk of skin cancer.Eye problems are not really paid attention to until it becomes worse. You hardly care about the slight blur or sudden blackouts you experience, until they completely blind you out. Most people rub their eyes off, wash them or ignore any early symptoms which will of course grow into bigger problems. Usually eye problems will go away on their own or can be easily cured my home remedies. However the others need special medical care before they aggravate. Here are some commoneye problems to look out for. Red eyesThe redness is caused by the blood vessels which cover the entire surface of your eye. Click here for best optometrist in Southport.

They expand when they are infected or irritated and gives the red look. Some reasons for it are eyestrain, lack of sleep, allergies, dust, chemical exposure such as in a swimming pool etc.  Red eyes are also caused by sun damage as the bright UV rays are unbearable to the eye, hence always wear your contact lenses in Runaway Bay whenever you step out. More serious conditions can also be signaled by red eyes such as glaucoma.  There are over-the-counter eye drops that can be used to reduce red eyes, however make sure you verify these medications by a certified I doctor. Also ensure that you take enough rest and give your eyes a break from computer and mobile phone screens. Lazy eyeThis happens when one eye is under developed than the other. Your vision is weaker in that eye and it moves around while the other eye stays intact. This can be found in any person be it a child or an adult. However, if you identify this in your infant or child, taking immediate medical treatment can reduce the effect of lazy eye. Lazy eyes cause lifelong vision problems and hence need to be identified as early as possible.

It can be easily treated by using corrective spectacles even an eye-patch as a strategy to make a child use the lazy eye. Speak to your optometrist immediately.Color blindnessColor blindness is present to a certain extent in most males and is not a very serious condition. Usually color blind people find it hard to tell the difference between certain shades of reds and greens. All seem same to them so now you know why your husband can’t tell the difference between Fuchsia pink and salmon pink. This condition appears when the color cells in your eye which are known as cone cells are absent or don’t work as they should. Severe cases can only see shades of gray however this is quite rare. Usually you are born with color blindness, but can also appear a bit later on due to drugs and diseases. A simple test can reveal if you are colorblind and in most cases there is no treatment if you were born with it, but your doctor can recommend glasses to help you identify some colors.